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Title SO15 JP2 validator and properties extractor
Detailed description Migration to JPEG2000 can be problematic - both because of the interpretation of the standard and also because migration tools may fail mid-process.

We need a post-migration quality assurance tool that can validate a JPEG2000 to ensure that it:

  1. Conforms to the JPEG 2000 Part 1 (JP2) specification.
  2. Either:
    1. Conforms to a consistent preservation-worthy intepretation of the specification.
    2. Conforms to an interpretation of the specification provided by the user.
  3. That the JPEG 2000 is complete and capable of being rendered. 

    The jpylyzer tool has capability to analyse a file and verify whether its contents qualify as valid JPEG 2000 Part 1 (JP2). 
    It also reports back its properties which can then be used to ensure conformance to an interpretation of the specification. 
    For more information see this blog post:

    Comments from TNA
    Commments from Wellcome Library
Solution Champion
Johan van der Knijff (KB)
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