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Title SO31 Preservation Grade TIFF to JPEG2000 Migration
Detailed description JPEG2000 has some issues as a preservation format. It would be nice to have a tool that can migrate a TIFF to JPEG2000 in a consistent and preservation safe fashion, maintaining (or normalizing) the embedded ICC profile, resolution headers and any other metadata that may emerge as being significant.

The tool should either ensure that all embedded metadata from the source is embedded into the migration or provide parameters to enable the execution workflow to dictate what is significant and should be kept.

Approaches could include two-step process - migration of the image followed by appropriate cleanup/reinstatement of significant properties (metadata here)?
Solution Champion
Peter Cliff (BL)
Corresponding Issue(s)
myExperiment Link
Tool Registry Link
A number of tools exist that can migrate a TIFF to a JPEG2000. The common ones are failing to do this in a consistent fashion. This solution therefore does not exist.

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