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Title SO34 Use Manzanita Crosscheck to validate mpeg transport streams
Detailed description A detailed description of the Solution. Feel free to include links to further information (eg. OPF blog posts!). Note that a Solution is a specific digital preservation application of a software tool or tools. It might for example be a scripted tool, or a myExperiment workflow.
Solution Champion
Who owns the Solution? Identify the owner with a link to their contact page on the SCAPE Sharepoint site, as well as identifying their institution in brackets. Eg: Schlarb Sven (ONB)
Corresponding Issue(s)
A bulletted list of links to Issues to which this provides a Solution
myExperiment Link
A link to a corresponding workflow on myExperiment
Tool Registry Link
A link to information about the tool itself. Ideally this should point to an entry in the OPF Tool Registry Click here if you need to create a new Tool Registry entry
Any notes or links on how the solution performed. This will be developed and formalised by the Testbed SP.
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