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Title SO9 Matchbox - Image comparison tool based on bag-of-(visual-)words matching
Detailed description The digital preservation QA command line tool analyzes JP2K images using bag-of-(visual-)words matching method. The tool aims at detecting geometrical distorsions and double or missing pages for duplicate detection within one book or comparison of old and new versions of the Google book. Identification of corresponding images and duplicate/removal/addition detection is supported in this approach. This method requires global dictionary for the whole book.
The difference is measured in [0,1], 0 means most similar, 1 is most different
Solution Champion
Huber-Mörk Reinhold (AIT), Schindler Alexander (AIT), Graf Roman (AIT)
Corresponding Issue(s)
IS10 Potential bit rot in image files that were stored on CD
IS27 Quality assurance in redownload workflows of digitised books
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