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These are Solutions that address Issues that relate to particular Datasets. Click here to add a new Solution.

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Page: SO1 Simple JP2 file structure checker Page: SO2 xcorrSound QA audio comparison tool Page: SO3 Comparing identification tools Page: SO4 Audio mp3 to wav Migration and QA Workflow Page: SO5 Video Migration and QA Page: SO06 Use Ffprobe to characterise audio+video Page: SO07 Develop Warc Unpacker Page: SO8 QA for TIFF to JP2K conversion (image comparison tool based on histograms and profiles) Page: SO9 Matchbox - Image comparison tool based on bag-of-(visual-)words matching Page: SO10 QA for TIFF to correspondent JP2K comparison (image comparison tool based on SIFT-matching) Page: SO11 The Tika characterisation Tool Page: SO12 Tool testing framework Page: SO14 Fuse mounting (w)arc files Page: SO15 JP2 validator and properties extractor Page: SO16 QA for estimation of affine transformation (image comparison tool based on SSIM algorithm) Page: SO17 Web Archive Mime-Type detection workflow based on Droid and Apache Tika Page: SO18 Comparing two web page versions for web archiving Page: SO19 Recognize inaccurate graphical image files based on a pattern-set Page: SO20 Extending JHOVE to characterise NeXus data format Page: SO21 Extending the NeXus validation toolkit to cope with very large data files Page: SO22 Developing a Raw-to-NeXus migration tool Page: SO23 Pushing additional metadata into NeXus metadata fields Page: SO24 Use Preservation Network Model to record "deep" dependencies and to allow tracking over time Page: SO25 Rosetta v3.0 Implementation Integrated with DROID 6, JHOVE1, NLNZ tool and more... Page: SO26 Automated RAW to DNG migration+QA Page: SO27 Analyse huge text files containing information about a web archive using Hadoop Page: SO28 A heuristic measure for detecting undesired influence of lossy JP2 compression on OCR in the absence of ground truth Page: SO29 Extending JHOVE to characterise very large NeXus data file Page: SO30 Automated assessment of JP2 against a technical profile Page: SO31 Preservation Grade TIFF to JPEG2000 Migration Page: SO32 Image Metadata Extractor Page: SO33 Image Metadata Compare Page: SO34 Use Manzanita Crosscheck to validate mpeg transport streams Page: SO35 Use schematron as the content profile language to validate files by evaluating their characterisation information Page: SO36 Perform scalable search for small sound chunks in large audio archive Page: SO37 Connector API Technical Compability Kit