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Submitting your package to the OPF repository

The installation packages will be available at the OPF package repository at    

In order to upload your software to the OPF repository requires the dupload package:

Then we need to edit the dupload.conf file:

Find the $default_host line and change it to "opf" as follows: 

Ensure that the following lines are un-commented:

The we need to add the OPF endpoint to the configuration by adding the following:

Save this file and return the command line, from here make sure that you enable FTP_PASSIVE mode:

With all this done we can simply upload the changes file:

If you get a PORT error, make sure passive mode is enabled. 

In order for your package to become available it MUST be signed by a member of the OPF team. For now please email David Tarrant (davetaz [ at ] to let him know you have submitted a package and that you wished this to be signed and submitted into the main server.

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