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Technical Coordinator

The current Technical Coordinator for SCAPE is Peter May (BL)

The Technical Coordination Committee

In SCAPE, the collaboration of the developers and Testbeds will be related to and governed by the Technical Coordination Committee (TCC), chaired by the project Technical Coordinator. The TCC will

  • Ensure technical and architectural consistency of software and research, activities throughout the project, coordinated both internally and with stakeholder communities;
  • Provide ongoing technical overview and direction for the project by authoring implementation guidelines and defining the overall project architecture;
  • Define interfaces between sub-project software components;
  • Ensure quality of software;

Regarding the final point, functional reviews will be carried out every six months; that is, component functionality will be tested against the development roadmap of the sub-project. For example, preservation components will be checked for compliance with project interfaces and Platform requirements. The review of a given sub-project will be carried out by the TCC representative of another sub-project.


Responsibilities include:

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