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Ondrej Klima (BUT)


BUT Alp Mountains Dataset


UVT Hadoop Platform

Purpose of this Experiment

This experiment explores relations among the frequency of edge sampling, the amount of memory and the time needed to compute the alignment with a certain sampling frequency and the corresponding alignment quality. This experiment produces a significant amount of metadata. Execution time needed for computing cross-correlations and the special metrics will be saved for each alignment, as well as the amount of memory consumed by the computation. This information will be preserved in the XML metadata files. The frequency of sampling will be varied and the experiments will be performed for each sampling value. The average value of memory and time consumption and the percentage of successfully aligned cases will be computed from metadata for each value of sampling frequency using the Hadoop tools.


Requirements and Policies

Policy statements that relate to this experiment and any evaluation criteria taken from SCAPE metrics


Links to results of the experiment using the evaluation template.

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