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The SCAPE Platform Sub-project has released a virtual machine image allowing users to easily execute preservation tools in a parallel execution environment based on Apache Hadoop. This virtual machine-based release provides a low barrier of entry for new users to experiment with the basic SCAPE platform, which has already been utilized in the context of the SCAPE training events. The virtual machine image comes with a set of training examples and corresponding documentation is presently available to SCAPE participants.

The release provides an experimental environment that combines Taverna Workbench, the Platform’s MapReduce tool executor (ToMaR), a set of preservation tools and workflows, which can be easily run on a desktop computer. The virtual machine image provides also a well configured environment that can be extended with additional Platform components and/or be deployed on a parallel hardware infrastructure. SCAPE deliverable D4.2, provides a detailed overview of the virtual machine deployment, the utilized software, and example workflows.

Link to the software package (password protected).

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