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Per Møldrup-Dalum, SB, [email protected]



may have been renamed to


Since November 2011 we have been running FITS (link to component @ myexperiment) on a selection of our web content spread over the years from 2005 up till 2011.

The data is stored in ARC files on a SAN. These ARC files are fetched from this SAN, unpacked and the FITS are run on each ARC record.

Running FITS on a ARC record produces an XML file. These XML files from a single ARC are packed into TGZ files and made available to the Planning and Watch subproject.

Requirements and Policies

ThroughputGbytesPerHour >= 60
OrganisationalFit = ?

FITS is already in use within this institution, so file format ID using FITS would be useful. However, other tools may be used.


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