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akubra hdfs is an implementation of the akubra lowlevel storage layer of fedora-commons, as described on the akubra project site

It was implemented as a proof of concept and feasability test to use fedora-commons in conjunction with the Hadoop File System.

Although it currently passes the fedora-commons-tck, akubra-hdfs is untested in production environments



In order to use akubra-hdfs with a fedora-commons repository it's enough to drop the akubra-hdfs and hadoop jars in the

context's WEB-INF/lib/ directory and change the file

$FEDORA_HOME/server/config/akubra-llstore.xml by editing the two beans 'fsObjectStore'

and 'fsDataStreamStore' to use the class 'de.fiz.akubra.hdfs.HDFSBlobStore'and the two beans

'fsObjectStoreMapper' and fsDatastreamStoreMapper' to be of class 'de.fiz.akubra.hdfs.HDFSIdMapper':




akubra-hdfs is licensed under the Apache License 2.0

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