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Success Story Template

  • Context
    • Many repositories have similar content and are facing similar issues, but don't have the means to share what they have and discover synergies in an easy way, beyond informal community interaction.
    • They want to be able to share and discover factual, reliable information. Any kind of repository. 
      • Want to be able to discover who else is holding content of a specific type (file format ID) 
      • Want to know whether they are the only ones using a specific tool
      • Want to know the answer to questions like "How many uses Fedora Commons version 3.4 ?"
  • Preservation Issues
    • Risk management
      • Avoiding risks by community engagement and assistance
  • SCAPE solution (unique selling point)
    • SCOUT, CC (FITS, tika, ...), C3PO
  • Success Story Champion
    • SB (Bjarne Andersen)
  • Real users
    • internal: SB, KB, ONB, BL, STFC, IM
    • external: all other repositories (content holding institutions) - could be connected at future events: Hackathon (could kickstart the use of SCOUT), iPRES, Open Repositories
  • Positive Words
    • wisdom of the crowds
    • find and share expertise
    • community synergy
    • discover opportunities
    • common management of risks
    • reputation and vanity (top contributors on the front page of SCOUT)
    • benefit from the experience of others
    • "let SCOUT be your preservation guide"
  • Simple structure
    • These are the 4 steps you should do to get engaged
      • Access SCOUT - get access to the community knowledge
      • Create content profile - get information about your collection / find out what you have
      • Share content profile - join the community and discover synergies
      • Define your interests - get notified about opportunities and risks
        • Who else is.....
        • Am I the last one.....
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