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Aim: to draw together the business case components into a coherent form, expressed in the extremely compressed format of the imaginary elevator pitch.

General hints:

  • pick a target audience from your stakeholder analysis. Are you talking to senior managers? Your IT department? Students? Library staff?
  • think of they key ideas or themes and show how they run through the whole pitch, don't swamp the listener with too much detail
  • run through the pitch a few times to make sure it flows. Aim to speak for around 30-60 seconds.

Structure (based on

1. Describe who you are

Hint: keep it short. What do they need to know and what do they not need to know?

2. Describe what you do

Here is where you state your value phrased as key results or impact. To organize your thoughts, it may help to think of this as your tag line. This should allow the listener to understand how you would add value.

Hint: think about the language you are using. Is it appropriate for your audience? Too technical or not technical enough?

3. Describe why you are unique

Now it's time to show the unique benefits that you bring to the institution. Show what you do that is different or better or creates new opportunities.

Hint: going back to your benefits and stakeholder analysis, think about the benefits that matter for your audience. What do they care about? Show how what you do meets their needs and concerns.

4. Describe your immediate goals

Goals should be concrete, defined, and realistic. Include a time frame. This is the final step and it should be readily apparent to the listener what you are asking of him or her.

Hint: taking from the skills gap analysis, make it clear that what you are asking for is essential to the mission you have described.

Section Content
Who As an individual I like to see the important (to the person) personal material shared and preserved for future generations within the family setting. I have a background in Information Management and Digital Preservation, and an awareness that because of the fragility of digital material, interesting information can easily be lost to future generations
What I am working towards setting up an online digital repository, in the form of a family tree book, with the family as the main community, different members connected by the family tree principles with personal material hanging as fruit under each leaf of the family branch.
Why The aim is to preserve this information for future generations. The material included within this repository would be born-digital and digitised personal material, including websites. For items such as photographs and social history of The person, there are already successful enterprises such as Facebook and Flickr. The type of website I am thinking of is more family based but can be linked up with the likes of Facebook/Flickr.
I believe a site like this is going to be successful. It has the opportunity to take in documents that are of interest outside the family so I would include a public space where, with permission, these items are made available to the wider public
Goals Within the year I am aiming to set out the idea in more detail and have a sample site up and running. Once the concept proves to be popular investment is needed to develop it into a organisation the size of Facebook. To make the concept successful I like your community to support me and in this idea.
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