Goldsmiths, University of London Stakeholders

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JISC's explanation of stakeholder analysis:

List of potential stakeholders*
Head of finance
IT directors / managers
Heads of department
Researchers (professors, fellows, PhDs)
Project officers or departmental managers
Library directors / senior managers
Library managers / team leaders
Subject librarians
Acquisitions / cataloguing
Information literacy trainers

List your stakeholders in the table below
The list above should give you a starting point, but note that this is not an exhaustive list - think about stakeholders at your institution

Stakeholder Interest/stake
Senior administration of the College, i.e. The Warden and Pro-Wardens  
Finance department Will be releasing funds for any equipment, staff etc. we need, and so will need to be convinced of the benefits to the college, etc.
Goldsmiths Researchers Will be interested in sustainable access to, and preservation of research materials they are using and producing.
External Researchers Remote access to collections and archival material.
Students Access to material.
Alumni Engagement with alumni is important to the college, access to archival material may also inspire more engagement and knowledge transfer with alumni, enriching knowledge about the college and its history.
Librarian Will be championing the cause of digital preservation activities to senior management
Head of IT  
IT staff  
Special collections staff/ Scanning Supervisor Will be selecting and prioritising material for digitisation/preservation activities, and supervising the work.
Scanning assistants Will probably be doing much of the initial digitisation work.  The quality of the work they do will influence the preservation activities that may happen later
Goldsmiths Staff  
External Communications and Marketing  
Architects Goldsmiths architects made use of the archival documents, plans and photographs of the college that we hold in special collections when developing ideas for the renovation of the frontage of the Richard Hoggart Building.  Digitization and preservation of these (sometimes fragile) materials makes that process much easier and quicker.
Local community  

Now enter your stakeholders in the table below

  Significant Influence
Some Influence
Little Influence
No Influence
 Significant Importance
 Some Importance
 Little Importance
 No Importance

Stakeholder management approach - how you need to interact with them

  Interest (low) Interest (high)
Power (high) Keep Satisfied
Manage Closely
Power (low) Monitor (Minimum effort)
Keep Informed
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