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JISC's explanation of stakeholder analysis:

List of potential stakeholders*
Head of finance
IT directors / managers
Heads of department
Researchers (professors, fellows, PhDs)
Project officers or departmental managers
Library directors / senior managers
Library managers / team leaders
Subject librarians
Acquisitions / cataloguing
Information literacy trainers

List your stakeholders in the table below
The list above should give you a starting point, but note that this is not an exhaustive list - think about stakeholders at your institution

Stakeholder Interest/stake
Trustees StakePrestige
Responsibility - to ensure HRP fulfils its mandateLegacy – to ensure a legacy is maintained
Head of IS Stake/InterestResponsible for IS support an infrastructure
Efficient management of digital assets across the organisation.
Responsible for ensuring the above enables HRP to meet its objectiveSpecifically Interested in: improving access to data; reducing costs of data storage; in the ability to reuse data; in developing specific expertise and skills in house that match the organisations technical requirements
Directors (General) Stake/InterestStake in fulfilling the organisation’s strategyResponsibility and reputation
Collections Management Board (C+L) Stake/Interest
Supporting the collections management function and re-accreditation – greater access to information, preserving information about the collection.
Heads of Departments (C+L) Interested in improving access to information; interested in competing on a national and international scale in terms of our offer to the general public; interested in  research and academic studies; interested in preserving their work
Internal Users (Staff) Better access to digital assets – enabling wider use and reuseReducing time/resources spent – e.g. on finding information, creating/recreating information
Improving workflowsImproved output
Business Side InterestDP would give better access to what can be a commercial asset – digital asset can become a revenue creator. 
External Users Better access to digital assets – increased and diverse access. E.g. online exhibitions, website offerings, research service

Now enter your stakeholders in the table below

  Significant Influence
Some Influence
Little Influence
No Influence
 Significant Importance
Trustees; Directors      
 Some Importance
  Heads of Department; Head of IS    
 Little Importance
 No Importance

Stakeholder management approach - how you need to interact with them

  Interest (low) Interest (high)
Power (high) Keep Satisfied
Manage Closely
Power (low) Monitor (Minimum effort)
Keep Informed
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