Improving digital preservation at the Ri

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Activity Outline

Consider the activity you would like to examine and build a business case for during this mashup. You could have a tight focus on the activity your mashup developer is looking at, or you could take a broader consideration for the activity of your team, unit or department. We'll be building a business case to convince the powers that be that your work deserves to be funded. So you could outline a completely new activity or project.

< Enter a short paragraph here to outline the activity that you will consider during these business plan development activities >

Benefits Analysis and Alignment with Institutional Objectives

< Begin by brainstorming the different benefits relevant to your activity, then expand on these in the Detailed Benefit Description column. When these benefit descriptions are complete, enter which objectives from your institutional strategy the benefit aligns with >

Generic or high level benefit Detailed benefit description Aligns with Institutional Objective
See these example benefits for ideas to help you get started. Describe the benefit in one sentence or less Describe the benefit in more detail and how it relates to the activity Enter the institutional strategic objective(s) that the benefit aligns with
Long term preservation of record of institution’s activities The Ri holds administrative records which run from its founding in 1799 to the present day. More and more of this information is born digital and we need to act to preserve these files in order to ensure that the heritage of the institution remains recorded and accessible. (Faraday Museum) preserving and making accessible the heritage of the Ri
Ensuring digital material is held safely on appropriate media
Improved management of digital files and awareness of preservation issues should help to avoid data being lost due to corrupted discs or obsolete files
 (Faraday Museum) preserving and making accessible the heritage of the Ri
Standardising and improving working practices Working to a standard across the organisation will make it easier to share files and data between departments and also make handing over work to new staff members more efficient.  
Avoiding duplication and data redundancy
By checking for duplicate files and resolving issues with different versions we can free up server space and work more efficiently.  
Improving staff skills and awareness of issues Giving staff a basic introduction to digital preservation good practice, preservation issues and solutions should make them more aware of how they keep their files and hopefully more likely to keep an eye out for problems and report them in good time.  
Compliance with legal obligations
Ensuring that we can produce relevant legal documents, complying with data protection etc.
Improving digital records management, making files more 'findable'
Implementing a standard system for digital content will allow for easier access to material for all staff and shorter search times and will help minimise the risk of information being lost when staff members leave.  
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