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Title McLean Museum Initial Digitised Collection
Description Scanned images of archival documents which have been created as digital surrogates. These have been stored as JPEGS. A digital artwork, a DIVX file, is also included in the collection along with digitised Museum registers in JPEG, DOC and PDF files.
Licensing Not for wider use.
Owner McLean Museum and Art Gallery
Dataset Location On external hard drive brought to the SPRUCE event. 
Collection Champion Neil Dickson
Issues brainstorm
  • Best Practice for the preservation of our digital collection has not been implemented. 
  • Our current cataloguing system may not be ready for the changing in Operating System.
  • The long term future of cataloguing system is not guaranteed.
  • No checks in place to ensure the authenticity of our digital artworks. 
  • No practice in place to deal with the acquisition of digital collections in the museum.
List of Issues
dataset dataset Delete
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