National Library of Scotland Stakeholder Analysis

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JISC's explanation of stakeholder analysis:

List of potential stakeholders*
Head of finance
IT directors / managers
Heads of department
Researchers (professors, fellows, PhDs)
Project officers or departmental managers
Library directors / senior managers
Library managers / team leaders
Subject librarians
Acquisitions / cataloguing
Information literacy trainers

List your stakeholders in the table below
The list above should give you a starting point, but note that this is not an exhaustive list - think about stakeholders at your institution

Stakeholder Interest/stake
Head of Finance
Monitoring budgets and spend
IT managers
Fit projects into Digital Library Plan, assign staff
Library senior managers, directors, trustees
Overseeing collection and care of, staff and budgets
Library team leaders
Overseeing staff
Information officers/technical staff
Training staff and ensuring NLS standards are met, Digital Preservation and website upkeep
Funding body
Ensuring project is completed as per bid application, promoting project

Now enter your stakeholders in the table below

  Significant Influence
Some Influence
Little Influence
No Influence
 Significant Importance
Funding body

IT managers

Library senior managers

Team leader

 Some Importance
Head of Finance

Technical staff

 Little Importance
 No Importance

Stakeholder management approach - how you need to interact with them

  Interest (low) Interest (high)
Power (high) Keep Satisfied

Funding body

IT managers

Head of Finance
Manage Closely
Technical staff (working together to deliver project)

Senior managers (only at project start and ramp up)
Power (low) Monitor (Minimum effort)
 Senior managers (after initial project spec written and ramp up)

Trustees - work is done on behalf of these but these are kept informed mostly through annual reports
Keep Informed

Team leader
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