National Motor Museum Film and Video Collection

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National Motor Museum Film and Video Digitised Collection


8 Video clips in RAW format (AVI). Comprises around 80 minutes of video totalling 92 GB. Original content on video and film, this sample digitised by Film and Video Library and stored on hardrives

This is a sample from the Film and Video collection which holds around 15,0000 items. 5200 are own collection, the rest is held for other organisations.


This dataset is owned by the Ford Film Archive and held by National Motor Museum Film and Video library.


Ford Film Archive

Dataset Location

Cannot be shared publicly at present

Dataset Champion
Dominic Ivaldi

Issues brainstorm

  •  Storage - large Raw files on various hardrives. How to store in future - Cloud?
  • Reduce file size to archival standard (lossless)
  •  Migration
  • Checksums - Fixity
  • Open source Codec if possible
  • Knowing background technical data of original source and its conversion path
  • Extracting technical metadata and being able to cross reference this to catalogue e.g CALM

List of Issues

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