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JISC's explanation of stakeholder analysis: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/fundingopportunities/projectmanagement/planning/stakeholders.aspx

List of potential stakeholders*
Head of finance
IT directors / managers
Heads of department
Researchers (professors, fellows, PhDs)
Project officers or departmental managers
Library directors / senior managers
Library managers / team leaders
Subject librarians
Acquisitions / cataloguing
Information literacy trainers

List your stakeholders in the table below
The list above should give you a starting point, but note that this is not an exhaustive list - think about stakeholders at your institution

Stakeholder Interest/stake
Head of Collections & Heritage  
IT Manager  
Senior Management Team/ Chief Executive  
Ri Online Team  
Archive Researchers  
Ri Members  
History of Science community  
Membership/ PR Department  
Collections & Heritage Department  
Programmes Department  
Speakers Creators of content, could be very supportive and good advocates for the project but could also be a stumbling block if they have issues with their content

Now enter your stakeholders in the table below

  Significant Influence
Some Influence
Little Influence
No Influence
 Significant Importance
 Some Importance
 Little Importance
 No Importance

Stakeholder management approach - how you need to interact with them

  Interest (low) Interest (high)
Power (high) Keep Satisfied
Manage Closely
Power (low) Monitor (Minimum effort)
Keep Informed
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