SPRUCE Characterisation Hackathon Leeds - Funding Call

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This call will open following the SPRUCE Hackathon Leeds.


SPRUCE will make awards of up to £5k available for further developing useful outcomes from the SPRUCE Hackathon Leeds. The main aim of these awards is to encourage further development of our community's characterisation capability that will help to meet the needs of practitioners in characterising and understanding their digital data more effectively.

The current (open) call is primarily for attendees of the SPRUCE Mashup London.

How to bid for a funding award

To bid for a SPRUCE award:

  1. Carefully read through the details on this page, paying particular attention to the Project Award Criteria, Notes and Conditions, and Timings (see below).
  2. Complete this bid template with details of your proposed project (maximum 2 pages)
  3. Send the template by email to p (dot) r (dot) wheatley (at) leeds (dot) ac (dot) uk, no later than 5pm, 25th March 2013.
  4. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your bid, please contact Paul Wheatley at the email address above.

Project Award Criteria

Awards will be scored and allocated based on how well the bids meet the following criteria. The Project:

  • Enhances characterisation capabilities
  • Provides a concrete output that meets previously identified practitioner needs (for example see the SPRUCE Mashup results and this summary of the key characterisation needs)
  • Has potential for delivering strong results (demonstrated by building on work from the SPRUCE Characterisation Hackathon)
  • Has clear and practically focused objectives
  • Clearly outlines how the award will be resourced, fulfilled and delivered within a realistic time scale

Notes and conditions for bidders

  • Awards of up to £5k will be considered
  • Applications should be no longer than 2 pages with 10point text only.
  • Applications will normally only be accepted from individuals that have attended the SPRUCE Leeds Hackathon in March 2013.
  • Joint applications from teams of individuals (possibly from different organisations) will be considered but one primary named contact will be the recipient of the total amount of the award
  • Diverse participation is sought so SPRUCE will prefer to make awards to a variety of institutions rather than multiple awards to a single organisation
  • All work funded must be completed by 1st July 2013.

Awards timetable

  • Award call opens: 13th March 2013
  • Applications must be submitted by: 5pm, 25th March 2013
  • Notification of successful applications: 29th March 2013
  • Projects to complete by: 1st July2013 
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