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Aim: to draw together the business case components into a coherent form, expressed in the extremely compressed format of the imaginary elevator pitch.

General hints:

  • pick a target audience from your stakeholder analysis. Are you talking to senior managers? Your IT department? Students? Library staff?
  • think of they key ideas or themes and show how they run through the whole pitch, don't swamp the listener with too much detail
  • run through the pitch a few times to make sure it flows. Aim to speak for around 30-60 seconds.

If I happened to bump into our CEO in the elevator, I will say:

I am Holly, a Research Associate from the Scientific Computing Department. The work we do is vital to the successful exploitation of powerful next generation scientific facilities such as synchrotrons, satellites, telescopes and lasers. We are currently developing automated workflows for our ISIS neutron facility, to preserve their scientific and experimental data.

Over the next year and a half, we would like to have more allocated resources for our project, to ensure that we successfully complete it on time. It will help promote and maintain our institute’s status as a forefront not only in international science but also in digital preservation.

[revised after getting feedbacks from Ed and Paul]

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