What to make sure of for a great DIS page

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Dataset pages

  • Titles should be concise but informative
    • Include the defining identification details, but also the character of the collection
    • Example: The Smith Collection, digitised images
  • Dataset descriptions should give a good feel of the kind of material in the Dataset for someone who has otherwise never encountered that Dataset
  • If the Dataset is sharable, make a sample available. This helps other devs to pickup your challenges, develop solutions and test them

Issue pages

  • The title should be a concise summary of the issue
  • Issue pages should provide sufficient description of the challenge and requirements of the Issue owner, for someone else to solve the problem
  • Issue pages should not describe or presume a solution. They should describe the *problem*. The only place solutions can be mentioned is in the bulleted list in the "Possible Solution Approaches" box
  • Check the pages are hyperlinked to each other (i.e Dataset pages link to one or more Issues, and each Issue page links back to at least one Dataset)
  • Check owners names are entered as hyperlinks (start by typing an opening square bracket, then the name of the user should autocomplete)
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