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The data in this registry has now been incorporated into the new COPTR registry which is supported and recommended by OPF for finding preservation tools. The registry below will be removed shortly.
  • AccessToSiardA collection of scripts to automatically convert MS Access files to the SIARD format.
  • Apache PDFBoxJAVA PDF library for creation, manipulation and content extraction of PDF documents
  • Bagger
  • C3POContent Profiling and Visualisation
  • CHRONOSDatabase Retirement, Partial and Ongoing Database Archiving, Application Retirement.
  • CSV2SIARDA tool to create SIARD containers from CSV files.
  • DANS MIXEDMigration to Intermediate XML for Electronic Data.
  • DeepArcIntended for preserving web sites from the back-end, this is a database-to-XML curation tool.
  • Dependency Discovery ToolThe Dependency Discovery Tool searches through binary office files (.doc, .xls and .ppt) and tries to find any documents or files that are linked to the document.
  • Digital Preservation Software PlatformThe DPSP is a collection of four software applications which support the goal of digital preservation.
  • DROIDDigital Record Object IDentification (DROID): Automatic file format identification tool.
  • EXIF to DC XML normaliserExtract EXIF data and normalise it to DC XML.
  • ExifTool
  • FFmpeg
  • FidoFIDO (Format Identification for Digital Objects) is a simple format identification CLI tool for digital objects that uses PRONOM signatures converted to regular expressions.
  • FixiFixi is a command-line utility, written in Ruby, that indexes, verifies, and updates checksum information for collections of files. Tracking fixity is an important part of any digital preservation strategy, and fixi aims to help with that in as unobtrusive a manner as possible.
  • getID3()
  • ImageMagickImageMagick(R) is a software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images.
  • ImageVerifierImageVerifier (IV for short) traverses a hierarchy of folders looking for image files to verify. It can verify TIFFs, JPEGs. PSDs, DNGs, and non-DNG raws (e.g., NEF, CR2).
  • iTextPDF library for manipulation, content extraction and creation
  • JHOVEProvides functions to perform format-specific identification, validation, and characterisation of digital objects.
  • JHOVE2JHOVE2 is open source software for format-aware characterization of digital objects.
  • JJ2000Pure Java implementation of a JPEG2000 decoder
  • jp2StructCheckA JPEG2000 Structure Checking Tool
  • Jpylyzer
  • Kakadu
  • Matchbox Tool
  • MediaInfoSupplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file.
  • MPG321mpg321 is a command-line mp3 player. mpg321 is used for frontends, as an mp3 player and as an mp3 to wave file decoder.
  • MuseA tool to analyse and visualise email collections.
  • NARA File Analyzer and Metadata HarvesterNARA File Analyzer and Metadata Harvester allows a user to analyze the contents of a file system or external drive and generates statistics about the contents of the contained directories.
  • NARA Video Frame AnalyzerNARA Video Frame Analyzer analyzes technical properties of individual frames of a video file in order to detect quality issues within digitized video files.
  • NESSTAR SERVERNSD produces an innovative suite of software that has been designed to enable publishers and users of social and economic data (and other similarly structured data) to exploit the new generation of web technologies.
  • Nuclear ProcessorProcess/module manager for Windows, with features such as Kill/Resume/Suspend thread of a process and unload DLL files
  • ohcountAnalyses plain text files, looking for code (scripting languages etc.)
  • OpenJPEGThe OpenJPEG library is an open-source JPEG 2000 codec written in C language.
  • Pagelyzer
  • pdftkPDF manipulation tool
  • PDF Tools (by Didier Stevens)
  • PDFTron PDF-A Manager
  • peepdfpeepdf is a Python tool to explore PDF files in order to find out if the file can be harmful or not.
  • Python checkm packageThis is a Python implementation of the checkm specification.
  • Resource Audit and Comparison Tool (ReACT)A file audit and comparison tool using Microsoft Excel and VBA.
  • RODA DBMLMigrates databases to an XML schema, DBML. Can then provide access by dumping DBML to MySQL and showing it in phpMyAdmin.
  • safecopylow level data recovery tool
  • SIARDSoftware Independent Archiving of Relational Databases.
  • SIARD-VALA tool to validate SIARD containers
  • Simple JP2 file structure checkerSimple JP2 file structure checker
  • SSDeepRecursive piecewise hashing tool
  • tesseract-ocrOpen source OCR engine, accepting uncompressed TIFF files as input
  • The Rename - bulk renaming of files
  • TikaDetects and extracts metadata and text content from documents.
  • TreeSize Professional - disk space management softwareManage disk space and scan your hard disks.
  • xcorrSoundThe xcorrSound package compares sound waves using cross correlation.
  • XenaDetecting the file formats of digital objects; converting digital objects into open formats for preservation.
  • Xpdf

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