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Purpose Properties extraction, identification, metadata editing
Source Code Repository
Distributed under same terms as Perl language (GNU GPL or "Artistic license")
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Metadata / feature extraction and editing tool. Supports many formats; mainly still image formats but also documents and various audio and video formats. Although ExifTool is not a validator, it often reports useful information in case of defective files.

User Experiences

e.g. links to AQuA/SCAPE/Hackathon issues that use the tool
SPRUCE Mashup - London 2012 - "Solving TIFF malformation using exiftool"

News Feeds

Release Feed

ExifTool Updates
(RSS feed for ExifTool updates)
ExifTool 11.62
  • Added a number of new Canon, Pentax, Sony and Sigma lenses (thanks LibRaw)
  • Removed some extraneous verbose warnings when geotagging
  • Removed Minolta LensType value for a non-existent lens (thanks LibRaw)
  • Patched problem writing some simple qualified XMP values
  • Patched to avoid writing files in Windows with Unicode surrogate characters in their name unless the -overwrite_original_in_place option is used
  • Fixed an incorrect Pentax LensType (thanks LibRaw)
  • Fixed family 2 group names of some XMP-exifEX and XMP Composite tags
ExifTool 11.61
  • Added a new FujiFilm CropMode (thanks LibRaw)
  • Added a few new proprietary CustomRendered values (thanks Jeffrey Friedl)
  • Added a new Nikon LensID and fixed a Canon LensType (thanks LibRaw)
  • Added a new CanonModelID
  • Decode more Sony DSC-RX100M7 tags (thanks Jos Roost)
  • Write standard EXIF to PNG even if non-standard EXIF already exists
  • Changed a Minolta/Sony LensType (thanks LibRaw)
  • Changed Composite GPS reference direction tags to be derived from only the XMP-exif GPS coordinate tags (and not other XMP GPS coordinates)
  • Reverted a PNG Validation check that was removed from 11.60
  • Patched to avoid problems overriding new values when writing thumbnail and preview images
ExifTool 11.60
  • Added a few new Sigma LensType values (thanks LibRaw)
  • Updated Sony makernote decoding for the DSC-RX100M7 (thanks Jos Roost)
  • Various internal improvements to PNG reader/writer
  • Fixed bug in RIFF decoder that could cause an "undefined subroutine" error (thanks Hayo Baan)
  • Fixed problem writing some QuickTime tags if the PREFERRED levels were changed via the config file
  • Install Changes:
    • Properly erase all temporary files after validation tests
ExifTool 11.59
  • Added a new SonyModelID (thanks LibRaw)
  • Changed block delete to allow subsequent writing of tags from the same group (like a group delete)
  • Minor changes to warnings and verbose output when writing PNG images
  • Fixed potential runtime warning on an error rewriting XMP in a PNG image
ExifTool 11.58
  • Added a number of new Canon and Sony LensType values (thanks LibRaw)
  • Decode NikonMeteringMode for the D500
  • Decode LensID for Nikon Z lenses
  • Extract RawThermalImage from Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal images
  • Validate PNG CRC values when writing or using the Validate option
  • Improved Russian translation (thanks Andrei Korzhyts)
  • Improved identification of some Tamron lenses for Canon cameras
  • Changed name of D810MeteringMode tag to NikonMeteringMode
  • Patched writing of XMP in PNG images to always come before IDAT, and warn if XMP comes after IDAT when reading
  • Fixed problem replacing multiple lang-alt default-language structure elements in lists of XMP structures (behaviour for other languages still not ideal)
  • API Changes:
    • Removed PNGEarlyXMP option
    • Fixed problem introduced in 11.54 which caused Options('UserParam') to return undef
  • Internal Changes:
    • A block delete of EXIF, XMP, IPTC, etc now sets the group delete flag
ExifTool 11.57
  • Improved decoding of some tags for the Sony ILCE-7RM4 (thanks Jos Roost)
  • Minor change to a Sony lens name
  • Fixed format of a number of 8-bit integer QuickTime tags when writing
  • Fixed problem replacing multiple structure elements in lists of XMP structures
ExifTool 11.56
  • Added support for the Sony ILCE-7RM4 (thanks Jos Roost)
  • Added a new SonyModelID (thanks LibRaw)
  • Added a few new Sony/Minolta LensType values (thanks LibRaw and Jos Roost)
  • Decode some new Nikon and Motorola tags (thanks Neal Krawetz)
  • Decode a couple more ColorData tags for some Canon models
  • Extract PreviewImage from DNG files which don't have a .DNG extension
  • Extract Huawei APP7 maker notes with the Unknown (-u) option
  • Internal change in LensID logic for Sony E-type lenses
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