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Purpose Properties extraction, identification, metadata editing
Source Code Repository
Distributed under same terms as Perl language (GNU GPL or "Artistic license")
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Metadata / feature extraction and editing tool. Supports many formats; mainly still image formats but also documents and various audio and video formats. Although ExifTool is not a validator, it often reports useful information in case of defective files.

User Experiences

e.g. links to AQuA/SCAPE/Hackathon issues that use the tool
SPRUCE Mashup - London 2012 - "Solving TIFF malformation using exiftool"

News Feeds

Release Feed

ExifTool Updates
(RSS feed for ExifTool updates)
ExifTool 11.52
  • Added a few new Nikon CropHiSpeed values (thanks Hayo Baan)
  • Added a couple of new Nikon LensID's
  • Fixed problem where processing large, corrupt AIFF files may could take an excessively long time
  • API Changes:
ExifTool 11.51
  • Decode Canon DistortionCorrection tags
  • Removed a minor EXIF warning when processing EPS files with a DOS header
  • Fixed bug which caused an error when rewriting some EPS files multiple times
ExifTool 11.50 (production release)
  • Added a new Canon LensType and two new Sony LensTypes (thanks LibRaw)
  • Added tiff_version and rotate_regions config files to the distribution
  • Added two new QuickTime Keys tags and made some existing Keys unwritable
  • Improved Composite LensID logic to make better use of EXIF LensModel
  • Improved logic when writing BinaryData tags to allow multiple interdependent tags to be written in a single command
  • Improved -htmldump output to show names of Unknown tags
  • Allow advanced formatting expressions to access the current tag key ($tag)
  • Remove escaped nulls from -json string values
  • Reverted change in ExifTool 11.38 so that Composite GPS reference directions are generated again even if the EXIF versions of these tags already exist
  • Fixed an incorrect FlashPix CodePage conversion
ExifTool 11.49
  • Added inverse print conversion for one of the QuickTime ItemList Genre tags
  • Avoid creating a few obscure QuickTime UserData tags when writing
  • Fixed problem where some QuickTime groups were not being created when writing QuickTime tags without specifying a group
  • Fixed problem where QuickTime Keys tags could be duplicated when writing an existing alternate-language tag
  • Fixed problem were QuickTime Keys alternate-language tags would not be written when deleting the corresponding default-language tag in the same command
  • Fixed some inconsistencies when writing QuickTime tags using the -wm (WriteMode) option
  • Fixed an incorrect Pentax Sigma LensType value
ExifTool 11.48
  • Added write support for Google GCamera and GCreation XMP tags
  • Renamed XMP-GDepth "Data" tag to "DepthImage"
  • Fixed bug where some QuickTime UserData tags could be duplicated when writing
ExifTool 11.47
  • Fixed problem which resulted in a warning for one of the CanonVRD tests on some platforms
ExifTool 11.46 - "CR3 update"
  • Added ability to write CanonVRD tags in CR3 images
  • Decode a couple more tags from Canon CR3 images
  • Enhanced Validate option to check for duplicate QuickTime atoms
  • Relaxed contraints when writing IPTC date tags to allow use of separators other than a colon
  • Fixed CR3 writing to update CTBO table with any changed offsets or sizes (although this table doesn't seem to be used by any RAW viewer, it may be used in-camera to improve response time when browsing images)
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