Setting up C3PO on Windows

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Read this first:

Especially: setting up MongoDB is important to get C3PO running!

Also: make sure you have got the latest Java JDK installed.

Next: download and install Maven for Windows

Then, switch to the folder where you downloaded C3PO source.
Compile the C3PO project:

If this succeeds without errors, switch to the c3po-cmd folder and build the executable jar:

This command will build the c3po-0.4.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar which can be invoked with

For usage, please refer to the usage guide linked above. Note that this command line tool will only enable you to gather data and create profiles and samples.

In order to compile and run the webapp, please refer to the usage guide linked above.

Also note building C3PO is not for the faint of heart, since this is still a prototype application.
There are however binaries available:

The pre-compiled Java binaries are available by clicking on the latest version number, then clicking on 'files' to get to the download location.

Special note on using the Play setup on Windows
Use this command to start the Play deployment (put it in start.bat)

c3po c3po Delete
building building Delete
windows windows Delete
compile compile Delete
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