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  • IS22 Characterise and Validate very large mpeg1 and mpeg2 files Title IS22 Characterise and Validate very large mpeg1 and mpeg2 files Detailed description Collections of very large videofiles (50Gb each) are hard to handle when it comes to characterisation and validation. Known characterisation tools do
  • Characterisation of Large Audio and Video Files Status Contact Bolette Jurik (SB) User Story As the owner of a large collection of video files I need a digital preservation system that can characterise very large audio/video files to enable me
  • Evaluate Media Characterisation Tools Status Contact User Story As the owner of a large number of media files I would like to be able to evaluate the capabilities of tools that claim to characterise those media files to ensure that I can trust the tools, audit their use and change tools in the future if required. User
  • Hadoopbased Identification and Characterisation Goals To make some of the most commonly used digital preservation format identification and characterisation … this is not efficient for many characterisation in situations where the content to be characterised is held within some kind of container format, e.g. zip or WARC files
  • QA and Characterisation of Web Content Success Story Template Context Type of content Preservation Issues With a special focus on the scalability challenge SCAPE solution (unique selling point) Including SCAPE Tools Success Story Champion Who is using it? / Who could use it? QA & Characterisation of Web Content
  • Characterisation Hackathon Scratch Space This page is for getting down any ideas for potential work activities at the hackathon. None of this is set in stone … with the characterisation data (either FITS XML, or the C3PO datastore). Some nice visualisation links here Note
  • IS17 Characterisation of textbased formats Title IS17 Characterisation of textbased formats Detailed description Problem: it is getting increasingly common … /blogs/20110217newdirectionfilecharacterisation by Asger Blekinge suggests to improve the characterisation of XML by using name space information. Scalability Challenge
  • SPRUCE Hackathon Leeds, Unified Characterisation <p><b>"Great to have people working on real life practical solutions to digital preservation problems … SPRUCE events and have drawn some pretty clear conclusions about the top priorities. The practitioners have spoken: "We need better characterisation!" http
  • LSDRT9 Characterisation of large amounts of wav audio Collection: Issue: Solutions:
  • SO11 The Tika characterisation Tool Title The Tika Characterisation Tool Detailed description Tika have been chosen as a useful tool for the PC CC workpackage. This site details the information we have acquired about the tool Solution Champion SP:Responsibilities of the roles described on these pages Asger Askov