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  • 20121113 OPF Hackathon Emulation, learn from the experts Who Should Attend and Why? Anyone wishing to learn about emulation from some of the leading experts in the digital preservation community. Practitioners interested in: Learning more about emulated environments and their role in presenting digital content in its
  • Virtual Box Legacy Windows Environment Virtual Box Legacy Windows Environment Detailed description In order to view the material from the Dutch National Archive, I decided to try to create a virtual machine with the appropriate software from the late nineties, specifically a Virtual Box VM with: Windows 98 Netscape Com
  • (s) Emulation software deployment SPR:Emulation software deployment Emulation potential use in multiplatform environment SPR:Emulation potential use in multiplatform environment Emulation compatibility with current OSs SPR:Emulation compatibility with current OSs Tool/code link Not applicable Tool Registry Link http
  • Virtualisation using VirtualBox Title Virtualisation using VirtualBox Detailed description It was found that emulation was not the preferred technique for resolving the problem running the A Tu Lengua software on modern OSs. Instead virtualisation using VirtualBox ( was attempted
  • them in, either a complete original environment could be setup up in a standard X86 emulator like QEMU or Virtual Machines like VMware or Virtual Box. Possible … for every DOS based Windows versions (95, 98, ME). At first we used QEMU, but it turned out it was not necessary to set up a custom/complicated emulation environment
  • Exact For DOS Bookkeeping Data Dataset Title Exact For DOS Bookkeeping Data Description Backup files from bookkeeping data from 1994, created with Dutch bookkeeping software "Exact for DOS". Part of the corporate archive of the National Archives of the Netherlands. Licen
  • MSDOS 3.30 Floppy Installation Solution Title MSDOS 3.30 Floppy Installation Solution Detailed description First we had to read the floppy disks. This was no problem as we have a USB dual floppy drive available. The 5.25" 320k single density MSDOS disks were formatted with a FAT16 filesystem. Using the software provide
  • emulationServicesFAQ What is emulation? emulationServicesFAQWhatis What are the benefits of emulation? emulationServicesFAQBenefits What are the disadvantages of emulation? emulationServicesFAQDisadvantages What types of emulations are there? emulationServicesFAQTypes What are the costs of emulation
  • emulationServicesExperience Experience the emulation services GRATER To experience the webbased PLANETS Emulation View Service please go here: Migration by Emulation To try PLANETS Migration by Emulation Services please go here: http