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  • NANETH_Freiburg_2012_Emulation_Usecase.pdf

    Emulation Learn from the experts Freiburg 2012 Emulation of obsolete Accounting Software Emulation Learn from the experts Freiburg 2012 6 Backup of accounting … the software it should run on DOS 5.x. Emulation Learn from the experts Freiburg 2012 7 Exact for DOS example screen Emulation Learn from the experts Freiburg 2012 14
  • Home Welcome This space is the home for the activities of the OPF Emulation Interest Group. Navigate space Aims The aims of this group are to: Promote emulation as a preservation strategy Publish usecase & user stories Collect emulation tools & technology (e.g. a registry) Establish user support (forum / wiki) per
  • opf_db_emulation_kopenhagen.pdf

    Functional LongTerm Archival and Access through Emulation Isgandar Valizada, Klaus Rechert AlbertLudwigs Universität Freiburg bwFLA – Project Goals bwFLA 2 … for the recreation of a suitable rendering environment for a given digital object using its associated technical metadata generated earlier Usage of Emulation
  • 2012-11-13 Emulation in the limelight.pdf

    Emulation in the limelight Review of the iPres workshop use cases, feedback and lessons learned OPF Hackathon, Freiburg, Germany November 13 – 15, 2012 Dirk von Suchodoletz, Klaus Rechert & Isgandar Valizada 11/14/12 2 Oh, no, not emulation!1 • First whole day event featuring emulation at iPres conference • Rising
  • emulationServicesFocus We indentified two major issues handicapping the proliferation of Emulation: Technical complexity and legal issues. Addressing technical complexity Technical complexity goes beyond the efforts required to build, test and maintain emulators. Also to deploy an emulator deep technical skills
  • emulationServicesFAQWhatis The term emulation is used in computer science to denote a range of techniques all of which involve using some device or program … for emulation, but we distinguish between the two terms here by noting that a simulation describes what some other thing would do or how it would act, whereas an
  • emulationServicesFAQMigration Migration by emulation Migration by emulation is using an emulator to run a migration tool that is only available in an obsolete … emulation of an old hardware platform, it may be possible to run old software which can read the file, and transform it to another format which is more accessible
  • TIB_OPF_Hackathon_Emulation.pdf

    Michelle Lindlar OPF Hackathon“Emulation, learn from the experts“ 17.11.2012 Freiburg im Breisgau Nontextual materials at TIB – an emulation use case? 2 Disclaimer: We do not emulate (yet?). The use cases illustrate possible emulation strategies based on our materials (and not concrete plans). This presentation
  • emulationServicesFAQTypes Hardware emulation Emulation avoids the need to write new software in the future to render obsolete formats. This is a significant … and possible reverse engineering 23 if the format in question is not well documented. The hardware emulation approach described here is the only way that has so far been
  • emulationServicesFAQDisadvantages Apart from the benefits emulation also knows a couple of drawbacks on technical, organisational and legal aspects. Building an emulator is difficult To be able to recreate the original computer environment in software an emulator is required. As the emulator should mimic the behaviour