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  • GRATE 1.0 (the original standalone), GRATE 1.5 (the webservice) and GRATER (the PLANETS remote emulator service). The GRATE 1.0 wrapper fired off the QEMU and DIOSCURI emulators. For the emulation integration project UzK wrote the GRATE 1.5 wrapper for packaging files, transport file to emulator (floppy or ISO image
  • ) ... Agenda Purpose of this group Aims and goals of this group Connect people working with emulation Provide a (semicurated) technology overview (todo: ask IA … , usecases, lessons learned, open issues Emulators "Preservation Watch" sustainable emulation Software Archiving (how? who does it? can we share?) Who can
  • TOTEM Data Collaborations iPRES 2012.pdf

    Tatiana Jimenez Cardenas University of Freiburg, Germany Enabling emulation as a digital preservation approach: the TOTEM technical registry TOTEM Technical Registry for EmulationEmulation Frameworks – KEEP and bwFLA  RDF version: University of Cologne, Planets ontology  TOTEM metadata schema, XML  PREMIS
  • emulationServicesFAQCosts Costs of emulation When an organisation is deciding on a preservation strategy, it will need to consider quality, convenience and cost of different approaches. A common misconception is that applying migration as preservation strategy is less expensive than emulation on a per object basis
  • emulationServicesFAQBenefits The theory behind emulation is that the only way to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the digital object over the long term is to continue to provide access to it in its original environment, i.e., its original hardware, operating system and software application. Emulation does
  • to be accessed easily by curators and the public. Software needs to be separate from original hardware so emulation is key. Is software 'near death'? Requirement to prove that old software is 'near death'. Data extraction Original data needs to be extracted from portable media urgently Emulation Which is better
  • Hosted Services Remote emulation services
  • emulationServicesDioscuri General information Dioscuri ( Dioscuri homepage ) is the name for the emulator developed … emulation: giving mortal digital objects their immortal equals. Dioscuri is especially designed for digital preservation by being more durable and flexible than other
  • respectively. In Year 4 as part of an emulation integration project Dioscuri and UVC were developed into a version with a PLANETS wrapper. This way they could be deployed in the Interoperability Framework (IF) in a local deployment as migration by emulation services. An important step was the development of the CreateView
  • 2012-11-14 EmulationFramework.pdf

    Jeffrey van der Hoeven National Library of the Netherlands (KB) OPF Hackathon, Freiburg 14 November 2012 Emulation Framework Emulation Expert Meeting 2006  Milestone in emulation R&D for Digital Preservation  Because:  Brought together emulation experts in 1 room  Acknowledged the need for emulation strategies