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  • to define requirements regarding emulators, additional software components (see the section on the emulation Software Archive for example) and reference environments like GRATE. In later extensions metrics/measurements could be introduced. Overview Having an emulator and contextual information contained in a viewpath still
  • Preserving Software Note that this is not just about preserving access to software executables (e.g. emulation). But also about preserving software source code and keeping it usable over time (software sustainability). Groups The Software Sustainability Institute Events Software Preservation
  • as it allows easy exchange of data with the host platform (eases installation in many cases) and does not require to run a more complex emulator like QEMU or virtual machine with DOS version installed to it. Corresponding Issue(s) KB:Media migration and emulation of computer games
  • : a simpler USB device to read 5.25" disks. May not read as low level as Kryoflux or be able to read copyrighted disks, but should provide images for repay/emulation … and supporting materials. Access At the time of writing (20092012), the following emulators where known to provide reliable rendering of images. Note that this list only
  • the accessibility of 'aged' digital objects e.g. text documents through emulated systems using the Internet (Webbrowser). GRATE is developed as a component system to allow easy user access to emulation services. Emulation as a longterm preservation strategy has quite some prerequisites to met to be actually deployed in work
  • for Java X86Emulator Dioscuri adding a VNC to Dioscuri to allow e.g. for remote emulation, automation of interactive workflows and emulator unit testing. Abstract: As a part of the PLANETS project a handful of experiments was made trying to automate typically interactive procedures
  • the building blocks for the emulation services described in a different section. GRATE emulationServicesGRATE Universal Virtual Computer (UVC) emulationServicesUVC
  • these components provided the building blocks for the emulation services described below. Dioscuri and UVC services emulationServicesMigration GRATER service
  • it in the corporate archive. We want to use emulation to run the original application in order to export the data. If the emulation method should fail, we need to look into other … techmaurice Other interested parties Any other parties who are also interested in applying Issue Solutions to their Datasets. Possible Solution approaches Emulation
  • brainstorm learn how to install old software from floppy disks in an emulator List of Issues KB:MSDOS 3.30 Floppy Installation Issue