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  • emulationServicesAbout About the team Research and development on Emulation Services in the PLANETS Project has been done within Workpackage PA/5. This team consisted of the following people and organisations: Nationaal Archief National Archives of the Netherlands Maurice van den Dobbelsteen Bill Roberts ALUF
  • Emulation Hackathon. This format was developed to capture the results of Mashup events that were held as part of the AQuA Project AQuA:AQuA and has subsequently
  • and emulation of computer games Tool/code link Not applicable Tool Registry Link Not applicable Evaluation Not applicable
  • into the SheepShaver Mac PowerPC emulator. Solution Champion Who owns the Solution?Type "" and then your name to use autocomplete. Corresponding Issue
  • descriptive information, game platform, controller interface and links to emulation ROMs. Licensing Copyright of the software belongs to the game publisher (Atari, Sega, Nintendo etc). Museum has only cleared copyright to exhibit the games in a free, public gallery for noncommercial use. License of the different emulator
  • 2012-11-13 bwFLA-PPT-UseCase.pdf

    OPF Hackathon – Emulation Klaus Rechert Faculty of Engineering, University Freiburg, Germany UseCase Rendering Mac PPT 4 Files Rendering PowerPoint 4.0 for Mac  Issue raised by Chris Rusbrigde „Oh no, not emulation!“  Full story here: /02/powerpoint40storysofar
  • that the software is legal. Solution Champion carlwilsonbl Corresponding Issue(s) KB:Media migration and emulation of computer games Tool/code link
  • OPF_Tool_Priorities.pdf

    for the emulation strategy Plato 12 10 0 3 8 1 Testbed 0 5 12 12 4 0 Format Registry 6 10 20 6 0 0 Planets Service Registry 0 10 4 6 6 2 Characterisation Tools 30 15 4 3
  • 10am 4pm (Event dinner 7.30pm) Morning Welcome from Manfred Thaller Introduction from Bram van der Werf Demo of remote emulation and automation Dirk von Suchodoletz and Isgandar Valizada, University of Freiburg) 11.15 11.30 Coffee break Emulation continued. Discussion and outlining use cases 13.00 14.00 Lunch Afternoon
  • 12 Emulation Library Technology Staff No No If we needed to do emulation, we would need new skills and additional resources.