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  • format identification tool of the OPF. The current version of FIDO (v1.x.xx) functions as a script, whereas FIDO2 will become an API. Functional design Add … :// Improved identification of XML using XMP parser Format Extensions
  • that is already known. In this sense, the main goal of identification is to identify the content correctly. The second aspect is unknown content in the web archive which is measured by the coverage of identification tools, where coverage indicates the part of the content that can be identified. Coverage depends
  • Distinguishing Files with Descriptive Metadata Distinguishing Files with Descriptive Metadata A Java program making use of a custom Apache Tika wrapper to extract file format identification and metadata from a directory of files and present aggregated data for identifying which files have full descriptive metadata
  • Tika Summary Purpose Detects and extracts metadata and text content from documents. Homepage Source Code Repository License Apache License, Version 2.0 Debian Package Description Java based tool for detecting and extracting metadata and text content from documents.
  • Simple preservation actions with few IT resources Title Taking simple preservation actions that will begin to tackle preservation issues with few resources. Detailed description The collection of London 2012 material is catalgoued on our CALM cataloguing system. However, before putting a programme in place, we are look
  • IS22 Characterise and Validate very large mpeg1 and mpeg2 files Title IS22 Characterise and Validate very large mpeg1 and mpeg2 files Detailed description Collections of very large videofiles (50Gb each) are hard to handle when it comes to characterisation and validation. Known characterisation tools do not nessecarily
  • and automated identifications for various file format types in order to effectively manage and preserve such objects. At present, many of the file format identification tools do not identify text and programming language files with a sufficient level of veractity (i.e. on extension only, or by searching for an internal
  • Raditsch (ONB) Other interested parties SB: <commentmissing> KB: Reliable identification is an … approaches Identification is a necessary condition for many kinds of preservation measures. The content of a webarchive must be well known in order to plan
  • / ) Correct identification of such files is problematic for a number of reasons. First, signaturebased identification does not work particularly well for textbased … more specific information on textbased formats. One possible approach would be to investigate the potential of automatic language identification algorithms
  • of the characteristics of the ARC files, including the declared MIME types of the content files, and an identification of those same files using the FILE utility. When