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  • SO22 Developing a RawtoNeXus migration tool Title SO 22 Developing a RawtoNeXus migration tool Detailed description No suitable solutions exist at present. Hence, a suitable RAWtoNeXus migration mechanism would need to be developed. Solution Champion SP:Responsibilities of the roles described on these pages Erica Yang
  • Repository Migration
  • ARC to WARC Migration ID arc2warc Status Contact Sven Schlarb <[email protected]> User Story As the owner of a number of legacy ARC files and a Web Archive currently harvesting WARCS, I need a digital preservation system that can migrate ARCs to WARCs in a timely fashion and ensure the completeness
  • TIFF to JP2 Migration Success Story Template Context Type of content Preservation Issues With a special focus on the scalability challenge SCAPE solution (unique selling point) Including SCAPE Tools Success Story Champion Who is using it? / Who could use it?
  • Migrating SourceForge Documentation planetssuite:Welcome to the PlanetsSuite Wiki WelcometothePlanetsSuiteWiki planetssuite:Planets and Sourceforge PlanetsandSourceforge planetssuite:Planets Components PlanetsComponents planetssuite:Join The Team JoinTheTeam planetssuite:Related Projects RelatedProjects Welcome
  • WCT2 ARC to WARC migration Collection: Issue: Solutions:
  • WCT6 (W)ARC to HBase migration Collection: Issue: Solutions:
  • Database Archiving & Migration Tools These tools take database system files or use live connections to databases to migrate the content to archival forms or more recent database engines.
  • Large Scale Audio Migration Status Contact Bolette Jurik (SB) User Story As the owner of a large audio collection, I need a digital preservation system that can migrate large numbers of audio files from one format to another and ensure that the migration
  • SO5 Video Migration and QA Title SO5 Video Migration and QA Detailed description In earlier video migrations at SB, we experienced outofsync errors … an overlap match. The workflow in short: wmv files are migrated to videoformat X (mpeg2 for example) using FFmpeg QA validation of migrated file format