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  • IS21 Migration of mp3 to wav Title IS21 Migration of mp3 to wav Detailed description A large collection of mp3files (20 Tbytes 175.000 files) needs to be migrated to wav. Because of the large amount of data we need automatic QA algorithms to ensure that migration went well. Scalability Challenge Large amounts of data
  • Borndigital migration success One line summary Checking whether an automated normalisation produces a surrogate of sufficient quality ... Detailed description … whether the migration was successful in terms of of some minimum, generally accepted quality criteria? Initial criteria based on workflow tool suggestions:http
  • Large Scale Image Migration Status This scenario is related to success story: Contact William Palmer, BL (william (.) palmer (@)) bl (.) uk) User Story As a curator of image files, I need a digital preservation system that can migrate a large number
  • KB Metamorfoze Migration (sample batch) Title KB Metamorfoze Migration (sample batch) Description The collection consists of 4.7 million pages of digitised … text (log files). The complete collection in TIFF form is 146 TB. Samples of migrated JPEG2000 files are also available, as well as log files with statistics
  • IS38 (W)ARC to HBASE migration {}Title{} {}IS38{} (W)ARC to HBASE migration {}Detailed description{} {}Planned migration from (W)ARC content to a new infrastructure based on HBase{} {}Scalability Challenge{} {}Around 200 TB of Web data need to be migrated and continuity of services need to be maintained. Issue
  • Media migration and emulation of computer games Title Media migration and emulation of computer games Detailed description The Royal Library has a collection of computer games obtained through legal deposit and we would like to media migrate these games. In case of a successful migration we would like to emulate
  • KB Metamorfoze Image Migration & QA Status Investigator(s) Clemens Neudecker, KB Dataset One sample batch … Platform Workflow The migration is implemented as a batch file, in Java code https
  • LSDRT3 Validating Migrated Images 'Visually' Dataset: Issue: Solutions:
  • IS12 ARC to WARC migration Title IS12 ARC to WARC migration Detailed description Migration from ARC to WARC is desirable as the WARC archive is better suited … that needs to be migrated. Issue champion SP:Responsibilities of the roles described on these pages Per MøldrupDalum
  • DVD Migration and Video Splitting Title DVD Migration and Video Splitting Detailed description This solution proposes a way to migrate a DVD containing different aggregated video sequences into a video file and to split the aggregated video sequences afterwards. There are many possible ways to approach this, the goal