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  • Evaluation SB Experiment mp3 to wav Migration and QA on Hadoop Cluster Evaluator(s) Bolette Jurik (SB) Evaluation points In this testbed experiment we focus on performance. The earlier experiment EVALLSDR61 SP:EVALLSDR61 on mp3 to wav migration and QA
  • raw2nexus migration large dataset copied from small dataset Evaluator(s) Alastair Duncan Evaluation points Metric Description Metric baseline Metric goal 19/06/2014 Maps per node 4 Split 1 20/06/2014 Maps per node 8 Split 1 23/24/06/2014 Maps per Node 1 split 1 25/06/2014 Maps per Node 1 split 33 26/06/2014 Maps per
  • FoxPro Summary Name FoxPro Description Textbased procedurallyoriented programming language and DBMS MIME Type(s) application/dbase,application/xdbase,application/dbf,application/xdbf http:
  • Archivematica Summary Purpose: Archivematica is a free and opensource digital preservation system that is designed to maintain standardsbased, longterm access to collections of digital objects. Homepage: Source Code:
  • Performance of large scale office document migration on SCAPE Azure platform 1 Introduction This document describes a study that measured the speed of file conversions performed by the SCAPE API. 2 Background The SCAPE API is an Azurebased Web service created by Microsoft Research. The API, which is exposed via
  • LSDRT4 Outofsync Sound and Video in wmv to Video FormatX Migration Results Collection: Issue: Solutions:
  • IS13 wmv to Video FormatX Migration Results in Outofsync Sound and Video Title IS13 wmv to video formatX Migration Results in Outofsync Sound and Video Detailed description SB does not want to keep the windows media video files for preservation. Earlier attempts at migration using ffmpeg failed on some files. Some
  • as a migration tool for bitmap images. User Experiences Used in Planets as a migration tool for Tiff format files. News Feeds Release Feed Activity Feed
  • from migration of the content: Resulting images are not saved or are truncated due to the migration or write to disk stopping prematurely Image metadata/header … metadata for longterm management/migration purposes. The files are then backed up to a WORM storage system. Regarding validity of the JP2's, we used JHOVE
  • MIXED Summary Purpose: MIXED (Migration to Intermediate XML for Electronic Data) is a web service that converts tabular data files such as spreadsheets and databases to the Standard Data Format for Preservation (SDFP), a supplierindependent XML format. It is also able to reverse the conversion, migrating SDFP files