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  • Preservation plan Title Preservation plan Detailed description Once we have identified what digital records we have and their characteristics, we need to set up a preservation plan. Issue champion silviag78 Other interested parties Any other parties who are also interested in applying Issue Solutions
  • Preservation Planning Problem description Outline of problem description. Requirement Requirements to address problem.
  • Evaluation plan Evaluation plan for year2 evaluations Deadline What Responsible Status 15/8 Agree on top10 objectives for year2 evaluations TBleads Missing 1 objective We will go with 9 objectives for this first round of evaluations 15/9 Pick scenarios and/or other work to evaluate for each top10 objective. Assign
  • Planning and Watch Planning and Watch Current stateoftheart digital preservation procedures create plans that specify the preservation actions to be applied … project is to develop appropriate mechanisms in order to help automate the initiation, monitoring, execution and evolution of such plans and help react
  • Preservation planning for images access, preservation and annotation Title Preservation planning including choosing image formats for access, preservation … to develop a plan for managing our current image files: keeping a master copy and an access copy; and annotating image files to make them easier to find and group
  • Planned Events ation Date Organisation Demonstration Event Address Contact 4 March 2014 Internet Memory Foundation Presentation of the SCAPE outcomes with a focus on Pagelyzer. 45 Ter, rue de la Révolution 93100 Montreuil France registration closed 5 May 2014 Österreichische
  • Digital Preservation Planning Digital Preservation Planning There is an immediate and urgent need to develop a robust digital preservation planning procedure … parties who are also interested in applying Issue Solutions to their Datasets. Possible Solution approaches testing out preservation planning tools suggestions
  • Session plan example Title of the session: Characterisation components {}Topic/Aim(s) of the session: Learning Outcomes (by the end of the session … . {}Conduct indepth analysis{} over large volumes of identification & characterisation data and find representative sample records for planning experiments
  • DIG Work Plan The following page sets out the groups main aims and the activities we will undertake to achieve them. Please feel free to contribute or make … Map: !20170606Workplan.PNG border=1! The latest plan is available to view online
  • SCAPE Training Events Planning