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Page: Audit images against criteria
One line summary Do images meet minimum content standards and extract technical metadata Detailed description Little metadata associated with images so assessment of contents and standard is difficult. \\ Preservation risks also exist as this metadata is missing ...
Other labels: image, unsolved, issue
Page: Historic photographic collection - consistency across time or suppliers
One line summary Checking that an image collection digitised over 18 months by 4 separate suppliers consistently conform to specification Detailed description Over time: \\ check that each supplier has produced images which conform to the specification ...
Other labels: image, characterisation, issue, qa
Page: Unknown JPEG2000 characteristics presents risks to quality, preservation and access
One line summary Unknown JPEG2000 technical characteristics present risks to quality, preservation and support for access \\ Detailed description The profile used to create a collection of JPEG2000 images is unknown. It is not known if there is a consistent profile used across the collection. Without verifying ...
Other labels: image, jp2, prototyped, issue, obsolescence