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Page: Identify compressed TIFFs and convert them to uncompressed TIFFs
One line summary Given is a list of TIFF images, some of them are compressed as "Group 4 Fax" TIFF images. The compression causes issues in some application contexts, therefore it might be required to remove the compression from a large TIFF images ...
Other labels: fits, format, characterisation, conversion, gimp, fu-script, taverna, solution
Page: Identifying the content of Email Mailboxes
One line summary{} A single mailbox file (.mbox/.mbx/.pst) can consists of a lot of email messages with or without attachments and we want to identify them.                   &nbsp ...
Other labels: email, characterisation, normalisation
Page: Validating JPEG2000 files on conversion from TIFF, identifying and tracing source of errors
Note that this is a blank proforma. Please make a copy of it, before filling out the form\! One line summary Validating JPEG2000 files after conversion from TIFF and tracing source of errors \\ \\ Detailed description The workflow consists of the following: \\ 1 Create ...
Other labels: qa, image, characterisation, obsolescence, issue