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Page: EAP Issue 3 Metadata Extraction from audio, video and image files
One line summary We need to autoextract metadata from audio, video and image files for quality assurance and cataloguing purposes. \\             &nb sp;&nbsp ...
Other labels: audio, characterisation, issue
Page: Extraction of metadata from digital audio files
One line summary The extraction of technical metadata and embedded 'descriptive' metadata from audio files of multiple, esoteric and proprietary formats. \\ Detailed description Audio files intended for longterm preservation may be created outside of the control of standardized archival workflows ...
Other labels: mp3, id3, extraction, characterisation, audio, issue
Page: Newspaper issue dates
One line summary For cataloguing purposes, it is of absolute importance that the issue data metadata is accurate. How can we ensure this? And can we predict where issues may be missing? Detailed description Newspapers are structured by title, by year, and by issue in each ...
Other labels: metadata, ocr, issue
Page: OCR'ing mixed content (text and non-text)
One line summary Working out what can, and what cannot be OCR'ed in mixed archival content Detailed description Many archival collections contain mixed content, that is not filed according to material type. So a "deliverable unit" such as a file of correspondence ...
Other labels: issue
Page: Unknown born-digital file history
One line summary History of individual files and how they relate to others within the wider collection          &nbsp ;      &nbsp ...
Other labels: metadata, extraction, office, appraisal_assessment, issue, unknown_file_format
Page: Unknown PDF characteristics
One line summary PDFs are deposited without full information. \\ \\ Detailed description \\ PDFs have been deposited without clear metadata to indicate who created the file, what version the file is, and whether the file is locked for editing. \\ \\ \\ Issue champion ...
Other labels: document, prototyped, issue