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Page: Automatically extracting metadata for Grey Literature reports
Title \\ Automatically extracting metadata for Grey Literature reports Detailed description Sometimes we receive batches of grey literature reports for which we don't have any metadata. This means we can not include them in the grey literature library ...
Other labels: issue, york_hackathon, appraisal_assessment
Page: Identifying content and Sorting
Title \\ Identifying and content and Sorting Detailed description A detailed description of the Issue. The Issue {}MUST{} focus on the busines or preservation driven challenge, and should not assume or describe a particular solution. \\ Gathering information about content, including file identifcation and metadata, to inform ...
Other labels: issue, york_hackathon, obsolescence, appraisal_assessment
Page: Identifying web content
Title \\ Identifying web content Detailed description The Web archives team at BnF has long suspected that the MIME types declared by the server for their pages' content were not accurate, which is a problem for preservation and could impede future emulation, for instance.Thus, when ...
Other labels: issue, york_hackathon, identification
Page: Sound files, type and quality checking
Title \\ Sound files, type and quality checking \\ Detailed description Audio material degrades rapidly and each copy damages the master (in many cases for reel to reel).  If we can't go back to the original physical master copy and are faced ...
Other labels: issue, york_hackathon, characterise, qa