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Page: Big Dance Archive
Title The Big Dance Archive a part of the Big Dance project a biennial festival that run from 2006 to 2012. Description The archive consists of various  materials (images, videos, newspapercuts, business papers and so on), and videos are major records in the documenting dances ...
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Page: Collection of audio-visuals and digitised images
Title Collection of audiovisuals and digitised images. Description A collection of TV adverts. The adverts from 1980s and 1990s, originally on film, were migrated onto CDs. They are AVI files and compressed MPEG4 copies of some of them have been made. The adverts ...
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Page: McLean Museum
Title McLean Museum Initial Digitised Collection Description Scanned images of archival documents which have been created as digital surrogates. These have been stored as JPEGS. A digital artwork, a DIVX file, is also included in the collection along with digitised ...
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