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Page: Bagger
Summary Purpose GUI application to facilitate the creation and verification of BagIt bags. Homepage \\ Source Code Repository \\ Source zips available from Homepage License \\ Open License, but relies on several Apache ...
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Page: ExifTool
Summary Purpose Properties extraction, identification, metadata editing Homepage \\ Source Code Repository \\ License \\ Distributed under same terms as Perl language (GNU GPL or "Artistic license") Debian Package Description Metadata ...
Other labels: tool, validation, video, characterisation, jpeg2000, extraction, characterise, tiff
Page: JP2
Summary Name JP2 Description JPEG 2000 Part 1 MIME Type(s) image/jp2 PRONOM ID(s) xfmt/392 s=detailReport&id=686 UDFR ID(s) u1f763 ...
Other labels: format
Page: Matchbox Tool
Summary Purpose Matchbox: Duplicate detection tool for digital document collections. Homepage \\ Source Code Repository \\ License \\ Open source ...
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