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Page: Analysis of Lucene Index Word Frequency (AQuA)
One line summary Create a word frequency list from a Lucene index and try to ascertain the subject matter of the collection that the index was created against. Detailed description The solution for AQuA:Characterising Externally Generated Content generated a Lucene index of the collection ...
Other labels: solution
Page: Characterising Externally Generated Content (AQuA)
One line summary Tool to create a manifest of digital content, including format and SHA256 digest, and index content where possible Detailed description Java code, currently runs as a command line application.  Uses Apache Tika to obtain ...
Other labels: solution, characterisation, fixity
Page: Visual Analysis of Preflight Output (SPRUCE)
Visual Analysis of Preflight Output Detailed description During the mashup we ran Apache's PDFBox Preflight over 4000 PDFs sourced from ADS and Middlesex. I was curious about how we might ...
Other labels: spruce_london_2, solution, gephi, graphs, visualisation, pdf