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Page: Characterising Externally Generated Content (AQuA)
One line summary Tool to create a manifest of digital content, including format and SHA256 digest, and index content where possible Detailed description Java code, currently runs as a command line application.  Uses Apache Tika to obtain ...
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Page: NARA File Analyzer and Metadata Harvester (The Registry)
Summary Purpose NARA File Analyzer and Metadata Harvester allows a user to analyze the contents of a file system or external drive and generates statistics about the contents of the contained directories. Homepage \\ Source Code Repository ...
Other labels: identification, metadata, extraction, tool
Page: Using Perl to write scripts for reporting on the content of the collection (SPRUCE)
Title Using Perl to write scripts to find duplicates for reporting on the content of the collection. Perl was used to write scripts that used the metadata that was extracted using Apache Tika SPR:Extracting and aggregating metadata with Apache Tika to help locate duplicates and different ...
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