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Page: Distinguishing Files with Descriptive Metadata (SPRUCE)
Distinguishing Files with Descriptive Metadata A Java program making use of a custom Apache Tika wrapper to extract file format identification and metadata from a directory of files and present aggregated data for identifying which files have full descriptive metadata ...
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Page: EAP File Verification (AQuA)
One line summary When media are detected, the tool will identify the selected format and identify valid / invalid / broken files Detailed description Solution for EAP Issue 1 Broken TIFFs \\ Same tool as for Solution 3 \\ \\ \\ Developed ...
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Page: File Format Identification and Metadata Extraction using FITS (SPRUCE)
Title File Format Identification and Metadata Extraction using FITS Detailed description Practicioners who are new to Digital Preservation are often looking for ways to identify file format types in their collections and extract metadata from these files. The best way to get ...
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Page: Identify compressed TIFFs and convert them to uncompressed TIFFs (AQuA)
One line summary Given is a list of TIFF images, some of them are compressed as "Group 4 Fax" TIFF images. The compression causes issues in some application contexts, therefore it might be required to remove the compression from a large TIFF images ...
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Page: Open Planets Foundation - File Scanner (Practical Preservation Issues)
Title Open Planets Foundation File Scanner (OPFFS for short) Detailed description Problem: What the hell is on this hard disk / directory\!?\! \\ Tools Problem: While there are tons to tools available, none are so incredibly easy to install that a normal user can ...