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Page: Born-digital - migration success (AQuA)
One line summary Checking whether an automated normalisation produces a surrogate of sufficient quality ... Detailed description "sufficient" obviously needs to be defined in terms of significant properties relevant to the context but are there some checks which can be run to determine whether ...
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Page: Player stops part way through some of the performances (AQuA)
One line summary Some of the FLV files submitted stop part way through, why? Detailed description Issue champion metvanes\\ Possible approaches Examine the container structure to see whether corrupted Repair the broken container if possible ...
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Page: Sound files, type and quality checking (Practical Preservation Issues)
Title \\ Sound files, type and quality checking \\ Detailed description Audio material degrades rapidly and each copy damages the master (in many cases for reel to reel).  If we can't go back to the original physical master copy and are faced ...
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