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Page: CSV listing of Aggregations of Duplicates in a Dataset (Knowledge Base)
Title CSV listing of Aggregations of Duplicates in a Dataset Detailed description This solution uses a Python (3.3 script to process a tabdelimited checksum file (checksum tab path) to create a CSV file listing ...
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Page: Identifying rotated, duplicate images using pHash (AQuA)
One line summary Identifying duplicate images rotated during postprocessing Detailed description Several tools, including XCL Extractor/Comparator, ImageJ and pHash were briefly explored to determine if an image was a rotated copy of another image. The solution ...
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Page: java image blocks comparison (AQuA)
One line summary Based on the blog entry: it can be shown that a basic jpg image comparision can be achieved with just a few lines of code.             &nbsp ...
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Page: Perceptual Image Diff comparison (AQuA)
One line summary A wrapper around Perceptual Diff Image Comparison tool to compare images, possible issues may be detected if the results are not sufficiently close. \\ Detailed description Simple wrapper script which walks through a folder and compares each ...
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Page: ssdeep for duplicate image detection (AQuA)
One line summary ssdeep can be used to associate two files where one is a truncated version of the other or when to a copy of an existing file some characters (bits) are appended or deleted. Detailed description \\ Solution champion georgp\\ Git ...
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