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Page: Diagnosing FLV problems using FLVmeta's flvdump (AQuA)
One line summary Deconstruct the FLV at the top level using flvdump and see if it is valid. Detailed description Used FLVmeta package which contained the flvdump programme, which was able to walk through the FLV file and check container was valid ...
Other labels: flash, macromedia, video, validation, flvdump, bit_rot_detection, solution, aqua
Page: Player stops part way through some of the performances (AQuA)
One line summary Some of the FLV files submitted stop part way through, why? Detailed description Issue champion metvanes\\ Possible approaches Examine the container structure to see whether corrupted Repair the broken container if possible ...
Other labels: characterise, video, prototyped, audiovisual, issue, bit_rot, qa