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Page: Born-digital - metadata validation (AQuA)
One line summary Checking whether metadata outputs from a workflow process are valid, complete and accurate ... Detailed description Metadata outputs will be written into repository as basis for proving chain of handling, provenance and authenticity. They must be: valid (to schema) complete (contains ...
Other labels: qa
Page: Disassociation of files and metadata (SPRUCE)
Title \\ Disassociation of files and metadata \\ Detailed description Each digitised page on the website must have a tif file, a htm file and a pdf file (plus other derivatives such as jpegs). These must all match each other (i.e. represent the same ...
Other labels: file, management, excel, pdf, htm, tif, matching, ocr
Page: E-mail Threads - relinking the conversation (Practical Preservation Issues)
Title Email Threads relinking the conversation \\ Detailed description Email Threads (RE: / FW\:) in a mailbox are technical linked through an ID with each other as long as people follow a "good email protocol".  \\ The problem starts when people ...
Other labels: opf_montpellier, context
Page: Historic photographic collection - check for versions of an image (AQuA)
One line summary Checking whether a photographic print and negative collection are mutually complete Detailed description A photographic collection contains negatives and prints. The prints are, in most cases, prints from the negatives, but we don't know if we have all ...
Other labels: image
Page: Inconsistencies between metadata and content (AQuA)
One line summary Check the consistency of a METS item to ensure that page images, OCRd metadata and components within service PDF files are consistent \\ Detailed description Complex processes are required to generate content and metadata. Errors or failed creation/move ...
Other labels: metadata, prototyped, mets
Page: IS37 Preserving the verifiability and provenance of processed datasets (SCAPE)
Title \\ Preserving the verifiability and provenance of processed datasets Detailed description Preserving the relationships between components of research objects is the challenge to tackle because it not only involves the components themselves but also the intrinsic relationship between them. We need to preserve the components ...
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Page: Transferring metadata from JPEGs to TIFFs (SPRUCE)
Title Transferring metadata from JPEGs to TIFFs Detailed description TIFFs are created as a result of our digitisation processes. From the TIFFs, that we keep as master images, we create JPEG derivatives, for which our curators provide descriptive metadata ...
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